Having the freedom of confidence | theunderargument.com

Having the freedom of confidence

By Jade

To me bodily agency, agency without shame is essential to freedom and our experience of joy. You know, you should have the freedom to dance, walk, dress etc in whatever manner you see fit. But, most marginalised people don’t have that.

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Genderism has no place nowadays | theunderargument.com

Genderism has no place nowadays

By Roisin

Working in a high-paid industry, I am fully aware that I will likely be the main ‘breadwinner’ of my household, even though I am not a man. And that’s fine. I think more women need to be comfortable with the fact that it is ok. We're nearly in 2020, and I feel like following traditional gender roles only puts a restraint over potential.

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Done playing the game | theunderargument.com

Done playing the game

By Alicja

I’ve been working in male-dominated industries throughout my career. I started working in films in LA and then moved to work in technology in London. Being in a masculine environment I quickly realised I needed to bite my tongue, “be cool” and "play the game”. 

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Today I like my body | theunderargument.com

Today I like my body

By Emilie Lavinia

Over the years I’ve had a complex relationship with my own body. Imagine feeling uncomfortable about something, then being in awe of it, then disliking it or hating the sight of it on some days but still, having to carry it with you or rather, having it carry you everywhere you’d go each and every day.

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This is almost 50 | theunderargument.com

This is almost 50

By Jacqueline

I suppose I was asking for trouble. Swan-white limbs, lanky, and with ginger hair, early Saturday evening in Glasgow amidst the aftermath of a sectarian bout is no time to pound the streets in shorts and a crop top.

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I am not my (body) hair. Or am I? | theunderargument.com

I am not my (body) hair. Or am I?

By Maïna Cissé

When Lily messaged me to feature in the anti-casting shoot she said: “I can write you a story about perfectionism and body hair if you fancy shooting a model with unshaved legs??”. To which I responded: “of course, looking forward to reading you”.

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Bewitchingly Bisexual, Queer, Femme and Sexy | theunderargument.com

Bewitchingly Bisexual, Queer, Femme and Sexy

By Judy

Bisexual, Queer and (bewitchingly) Femme. These words that are often used, or seen as, derogatory or marginalising labels make me feel empowered. Each one of these words - bisexual, queer, femme - make me feel confident in who I am, and sexy from the surface of my skin to the core of my being. So why do three words, which make me feel so strong, also unwillingly carry such prevalent connotations to sexism & co? Or, more accurately, why do sexists think that these words are negative and therefore use them in hateful speech?

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I just want to write | theunderargument.com

I just want to write

By Rachel Delahay

My work is given an agency by my skin, my sound, my history. If I deviate, it becomes fake. It’s this silent accusation of inauthenticity I have to protect myself from. 

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My identity is what reminds me of why I love myself | theunderargument.com

My identity is what reminds me of why I love myself

By Ivy

I am a lawyer, a corporate lawyer to be exact. One of those high heeled, tight skirted, ironed bloused, tight-lipped woman, who spends her days sipping diet coke in her glass-paned office overlooking the city. I smile at the older white men I am largely surrounded by and let them ask me if I have a boyfriend. I shave every inch of my body and dutifully apply red lipstick when we attend cocktail events. Right?

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What are you, good girl gone bad? | theunderargument.com

What are you, good girl gone bad?

By Alice Snape

One of my favourite things about my tattoos is that they challenge traditional stereotypes of beauty, that a woman's skin should be pure or unmarked. It still shocks me that, in 2019, some magazines and mainstream media push the idea that we should look a certain way, by losing weight or using make-up to conceal our so-called imperfections. It is so damaging. 

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