To my unborn son |

To my unborn son

By Gervaise

"Boys will be boys"… I disagree. I believe that there are values that we can consciously teach them when they are young and behaviours that we can help correct with awareness and communication when they are older.

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Mothering a son when you grew up the only girl |

Mothering a son when you grew up the only girl

By Val

When my son was born, he gave me the dirtiest look as if to say ' was that really necessary, I wasn't ready to be born! I knew he was a special child! I am the only girl and the youngest of all my brothers, all 4 of them. 

Often when I relay this to people, they think I must have been spoilt but life was pretty lonely. 

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A Testimony to Standing Up Against Sexism by a Woman Neurosurgeon |

A Testimony to Standing Up Against Sexism by a Woman Neurosurgeon

By Julia

My name is Julia. And I am a fighter. I was the first female trainee in my hospital in Lithuania to become a neurosurgeon. Medicine is still plagued with medieval traditions and ways, from bullying to discrimination and plain disrespect from seniors doctors towards their juniors.

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Detaching from stereotypes |

Detaching from stereotypes

By Chloé

I moved away from Italy to avoid fitting in a stereotypical patriarchal box that was built around me by the Church and the fear of men losing their power. The fear of the foreigner, xenophobia towards different mindsets, fat ladies, non-binary genders and minorities empowerment.⠀

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Sensuality is power |

Sensuality is power

By Rebecca

I am very comfortable in my own skin - it’s almost easier to be naked than to wear beautiful lingerie. Until recently, I found the idea of highlighting my beauty a way of attracting unwanted attention, objectifying myself, it made me want to crawl into some dark corner. I’m a dancer-actor and I’ve always found the stage a much safer place to be, than society.

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Having the freedom of confidence |

Having the freedom of confidence

By Jade

To me bodily agency, agency without shame is essential to freedom and our experience of joy. You know, you should have the freedom to dance, walk, dress etc in whatever manner you see fit. But, most marginalised people don’t have that.

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Genderism has no place nowadays |

Genderism has no place nowadays

By Roisin

Working in a high-paid industry, I am fully aware that I will likely be the main ‘breadwinner’ of my household, even though I am not a man. And that’s fine. I think more women need to be comfortable with the fact that it is ok. We're nearly in 2020, and I feel like following traditional gender roles only puts a restraint over potential.

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Done playing the game |

Done playing the game

By Alicja

I’ve been working in male-dominated industries throughout my career. I started working in films in LA and then moved to work in technology in London. Being in a masculine environment I quickly realised I needed to bite my tongue, “be cool” and "play the game”. 

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Today I like my body |

Today I like my body

By Emilie Lavinia

Over the years I’ve had a complex relationship with my own body. Imagine feeling uncomfortable about something, then being in awe of it, then disliking it or hating the sight of it on some days but still, having to carry it with you or rather, having it carry you everywhere you’d go each and every day.

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This is almost 50 |

This is almost 50

By Jacqueline

I suppose I was asking for trouble. Swan-white limbs, lanky, and with ginger hair, early Saturday evening in Glasgow amidst the aftermath of a sectarian bout is no time to pound the streets in shorts and a crop top.

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I am not my (body) hair. Or am I? |

I am not my (body) hair. Or am I?

By Maïna Cissé

When Lily messaged me to feature in the anti-casting shoot she said: “I can write you a story about perfectionism and body hair if you fancy shooting a model with unshaved legs??”. To which I responded: “of course, looking forward to reading you”.

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