Why the underargument?

We believe in the power of individuality

Maïna, the founder


“Individuality fuels our purpose but in a world fearing differences, it can be more intuitive to try to fit in rather than stand for our uniqueness and argue against the norm.

The underargument exists to remind ourselves to always embrace authenticity so we can find our vision, fulfil our purpose, and simply live our best lives.”


Play on word with undergarment and argument, the underargument advocates the power of individuality and arguing against the norm.

As I often say, the world did not need a new lingerie brand. But using a product that's so close to our skin as a medium reminding us daily to embrace everything that is us made a lot of sense to me.

This is how in 2015, I set to start a platform that would be both a content site sharing authentic inclusive stories and an empowering lingerie brand.

Each collection (the first one came out in 2018) is an argument against the norm.  Each lingerie piece is named and labelled after an empowering quote to remind the wearer to embrace their individuality.

These underarguments come to life through the collections but also through the stories of the women who vulnerably volunteer to share their life experience and shoot with us. 

All the women shown on the site have been selected for the story they chose to share with us, we select these before we know what the women look like (we only meet them on shoot day) and without asking for their size (see our anti-casting page for more information). 

the underargument's anti-casting

Lingerie used to and still has an empowering and therapeutic effect on me. I'm hoping that the underargument, both through the lingerie and the content shared, will take you on a journey that will have the same beneficial effects on you. I hope that through embracing your individuality, you find and fulfil your purpose because the world needs your unique gifts to become a better place.


P.S. If you have a story to share or a mindset you'd like to see turned into a beautiful lingerie collection, we're all about collaboration so feel free to come argue here.

P.P.S If you want to learn more about how we make what we make, head here.