The Anti-Casting


We are all about diversity, but we don't want to typecast, ever. We do not want to fall into tokenism marketing and pat ourselves on the back for ticking boxes. 

We feel that succeeding to showcase different types of women through the underargument is nothing to be proud of; it is not different or “great”. It is simply what it should be. 

What we do want is authentic, original stories that will empower you when you share them and others when they read them.

So we run what we call an "anti-casting". 

How to enter

To enter, the only thing you have to do is submit a story related to one of our existing or upcoming underargument (follow us on Insta to keep up to date with upcoming themes or see the list below). That's all.

You do not need any modelling experience, we don't need to see your photos, nor do we need your measurements to select you, just your beautiful words (we recommend sending a minimum of 3 paragraphs and around 300 words but we prefer quality over quantity).

To enter, fill in the form on the link below.

Anti-Casting Entry Form


    Who can enter?


    If you have a story that relates to one of our themes present or future (you can find the list on the entry form), we'd love to hear from you.

    We also want to read you if you have a theme in mind that's not listed, you might just inspire one of the next underarguments!

    We want to know your story even if we don't currently stock your size. We are increasing our size range currently to cater for larger back and cup sizes. We might not be able to shoot you straight away, but you'll nonetheless be selected to shoot as soon as your size becomes available. By the way, you still don't have to provide your size when applying even if you know yours isn't in our range yet. We only ask for sizes after selecting your story.

    Finally, we especially want to receive your story if you don't see yourself or your story represented through the underargument's platforms. It takes a courageous person to be the first to be vulnerable enough to share a different story, a different body or a different mindset with us and that's how others that relate to you will allow themselves to also enter. We hope you decide to lead the way. 

    The anti-casting shoot

    If you are selected, you will spend half a day with us in a photographic studio (usually in London) where our professional photographer, will guide you and make you feel super comfortable! There are usually a couple more women being shot with you on the day.

    Free set

    Everybody who shoots with us gets a free underargument set. Plus, you'll get access to all your gorgeous photos. 

    Participants are not paid to take part in the anti-casting shoots.

    The experience

    Here are what some of our past participants have said from the experience...

    "I didn’t realise how much I needed to write this story and release some of the pent up frustration I have been subliminally feeling about these issues at work. So thank YOU" Ivy
    "I felt so lifted after our conversation and ready to complete my healing and be fully open in the faith that it uplifts someone else and create much needed conversations within families to protect their girls. [...] Feeling nervous but I'm ready" Naomi
    "I had such a lovely and inspiring day today! Thank you x " Judy
    "Thanks for having me! It was an incredibly therapeutic experience." Julia
    "Thank you again for the entire experience, I learned some things about myself and feel really brave and free!" Constanze
    "The shots are beautiful - I never thought I would say that about photos of myself - I am delighted! Thank you again for a fabulous experience and one I will never forget." Liz
    "Wow! Those are such lovely shots, I never thought I would get to look like this and I can’t thank you and the team enough." Amy
    "The biggest thank you and gratitude for the opportunity. I cannot express how healing it was to my soul, as a woman, as human being. Genuinely, thank you for the opportunity to be there." Alex
    "Thank you so much for the opportunity. I’m sure you’ve heard it many times already, but the idea you’ve created for the brand is just amazing. I also wanted to say a big thank you to your team, as this was my first experience of course I was a little nervous. Not gonna lie, I had great fun!" Lena
    "Thank you so much for selecting my story and having me take part! I had a really lovely time at the shoot - I was very nervous at first having never done anything like it before, but was made to feel much more at ease as the shoot went on - and I love the underwear!" Freya
    "I had such a wonderful time today, thank you for the experience to you and the lovely photographer!" Tasha
    "Thank you! I had such a lovely time, I wish it wasn’t over so soon, I felt like I wanted to grab a cuppa with you all and hang out for the day!" Freya
    "I wanted to thank you all - it was such an empowering moment, a real release and such a big moment - thank you for having me be part of it." Izy
    Thank you so much for such a wonderful day last Saturday. Everyone was so nice, professional and friendly. It was truest an amazing experience I will never forget. Katie