My sensitivity, my superpower -

___My sensitivity, my superpower

I have always been a sensitive person. I used to take the things that people would say about me very seriously and would get hurt a lot; Friends who suddenly decided to ignore me or tried to spread rumours behind my back would send me in a whirlwind of angst... 

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Being vulnerable so I can help others -

___Being vulnerable so I can help others

Trigger warning: Includes references to sexual abuse, self-harm and suicide

I am not afraid of sharing my story, as vulnerable as it makes me. Giving light to our experiences, as difficult as they may be is a way of helping others get through their own struggles. I have nothing to lose. So I have decided that I would no longer hide it; I can’t change what happened, but I can certainly change how it affects me now. It’s given me a huge sense of ownership: this ‘secret’ no longer owns me, it’s no longer something I’m going to try to hide away- now, I own it.

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