Motherhood redefined -

___Motherhood redefined

I have always found it hard fitting in, as in fitting into society in the way all other women have fitted in. I was always the clown, the out-spoken loud friend, the performer, the tomboy. I fleeted around and never felt settled.

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Towards other-motherhood -

___Towards other-motherhood

In October 2019, I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure and was told that I had gone through menopause. I am 33 now and was 32 then. None of my friends is experiencing anything like this, and I sometimes feel like that word "failure".

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I was really good at my job -

___I was really good at my job

I’m an ex-prison officer. The ‘ex’ part of that statement is still pretty new. I was forced to leave the job because of the effect it began to have on my mental health. And although I was very aware of how my mind was failing to cope, it took me a while to realise the effect it was having on my body. 

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