Stronger than ever -

___Stronger than ever

I was a victim of domestic violence. I hate the word victim and ironically, hate the word hate but it best sums up my feelings toward the stigma of being a 'victim'. 

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I always thought I would be protected -

___I always thought I would be protected

In the eye of society, I would be portrayed as a strong woman, an executive working in finance but a few years ago I was a victim of violence and it shattered my world. Coming from the background I was and the ecosystem in which I was evolving, I always thought I would be protected from violence and always felt naively safe. 

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Speaking up against abuse -

___Speaking up against abuse

Up until recently, there have been a couple subjects I am learning how to become confident to talk openly about from a personal point of view: Rape, Consent and Domestic Violence.

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The patriarchy you raise your kids in -

___The patriarchy you raise your kids in

I was always a tomboy and I still think boys had more fun going on a pirate’s treasure hunts or pretending to fly to the moon or be a superhero while girls would pretend to be grownups raising families and paying bills on our pink calculators, or be princesses or hairdressers!

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To my unborn son -

___To my unborn son

"Boys will be boys"… I disagree. I believe that there are values that we can consciously teach them when they are young and behaviours that we can help correct with awareness and communication when they are older.

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Mothering a son when you grew up the only girl -

___Mothering a son when you grew up the only girl

When my son was born, he gave me the dirtiest look as if to say ' was that really necessary, I wasn't ready to be born! I knew he was a special child! I am the only girl and the youngest of all my brothers, all 4 of them.

Often when I relay this to people, they think I must have been spoilt but life was pretty lonely. 

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Done playing the game -

___Done playing the game

I’ve been working in male-dominated industries throughout my career. I started working in films in LA and then moved to work in technology in London. Being in a masculine environment I quickly realised I needed to bite my tongue, “be cool” and "play the game”. 

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