Becoming Bipolar Abdul -

Becoming Bipolar Abdul

By Bipolar Abdul

As a child I never felt girlie. I was a tomboy. I was called frumpy and boyish. I always felt like an outsider; whether I immersed myself in the company of boys or girls, I didn't fit. It was an ever-present fog in my life, and puberty just made it more challenging.

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My deaf love of music -

My deaf love of music

By E.B.

I’ve always had two big passions in life; helping others and music. So discovering music therapy was like finding my true calling. Finally, I had a way to use my love for making music to help others. But there was one obstacle in my way: I am deaf.

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Belonging on my terms -

Belonging on my terms

By Rachel G

I am a transgender woman. Back when I transitioned, the advice given to trans women who could "pass" was to hide her transness for her safety and also for her comfort. And so I hid and found myself doing so for many years. I didn't tell anyone that I was trans, not even my friends or partners.

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Life is more exciting when you don't fit in -

Life is more exciting when you don't fit in

By Christine

All my life, I've never fit in. People have always underestimated my abilities, feelings and failed to recognise my resilience in difficult times.

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