My invisible illness -

___My invisible illness

As someone with an invisible illness, I straddle both the world of the healthy and the world of disability; but I don't really belong or fit into either. It's almost like I look too healthy to be disabled, but I am too ill to be healthy.

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Becoming Bipolar Abdul -

___Becoming Bipolar Abdul

As a child I never felt girlie. I was a tomboy. I was called frumpy and boyish. I always felt like an outsider; whether I immersed myself in the company of boys or girls, I didn't fit. It was an ever-present fog in my life, and puberty just made it more challenging.

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My deaf love of music -

___My deaf love of music

I’ve always had two big passions in life; helping others and music. So discovering music therapy was like finding my true calling. Finally, I had a way to use my love for making music to help others. But there was one obstacle in my way: I am deaf.

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Belonging on my terms -

___Belonging on my terms

I am a transgender woman. Back when I transitioned, the advice given to trans women who could "pass" was to hide her transness for her safety and also for her comfort. And so I hid and found myself doing so for many years. I didn't tell anyone that I was trans, not even my friends or partners.

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