Our Production Standards

What is sustainability?

Sustainability is on everybody's radar and everyone's lips nowadays. And that's a great thing. But it also tends to refer to different things from one person to another. To us, it means:

  • The preservation of the environment
  • The conservation of the craft
  • The protection of our people and the communities we work with

We're not perfect, but we aim to find innovative ways to tick all these boxes as we go. Find out more about our focuses and how we do what we do below.

Craftsmanship & Quality

We're obsessed with finding ways to make our ranges more sustainable, but we do use human-made materials. So, our approach to counteract our impact in the short term is to provide a quality product that will last.

We spend a lot of time improving our styles, so they fit amazingly and meet your expectations - everyday luxury, durability and comfort.

We use premium grade fabrics and trims sourced from Europe's finest craftsmen (mainly in France, Italy and Switzerland) as well as organic cotton only. We also only use Oeko-Tex certified materials to guarantee our garments are not harmful to your skin.

Our manufacturer (based in Madagascar) is trained to the highest European standards and have been working exclusively with luxury brands from France and the UK for decades. Scroll down for more information on the factory and how it supports the local community.

Looking to the future, we aim to continue looking for innovative ways and materials to make our brand more sustainable ecologically introducing more recycled and organic materials.

We will also continue focusing on craftsmanship. All this, so the intricate skills required for the beautiful art of lace and lingerie making continues to be passed on for generations to come and support the communities we are involved with.


Honestly, there's very little that excites us more after arguing against the norm and making lingerie than pretty packaging. But let's be real, after the oooh moment when you receive your parcel, you're not going to do much with yet another pretty box. Nor will you with a funky bubble wrap pouch or a million labels and cute swing tags.

So, our commitment is to use the bare minimum when it comes to packaging. We make it reusable (our labels turn into colourful bookmarks), recyclable (and recycled in the first place where possible) or better yet, fully compostable if we can. And we'll still try to make you say oooh when you receive it. 

Supporting Communities

Association Sekool

We are proud to support the foundation Sekool founded by our manufacturer in Madagascar. Sekool creates educational programs to re-integrate children from disadvantaged communities into the public school system. The success of their program has seen them giving the very first school they built to the government to run as a public school.

They also make the best use of the factory grounds and grow a fantastic veggie garden at the back of the premises. They use all these homegrown vegetables to prepare fresh meals for the kids daily. The factory is extremely observant of their staffs' wellbeing. They follow stringent codes to guarantee that the workers are always safe (they are in the process of finalising their international certification). In Africa, labour communities are often subject to malnutrition, so they provide food to ensure all the workers have a nutritious meal daily.