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We believe in the power of individuality

Each collection is an argument against the norm. Each lingerie piece is named and labelled after an empowering quote to remind the wearer to embrace their individuality.

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The anti-casting

We are all about diversity, but we don't want to typecast, ever. We do not want to fall into tokenism marketing and pat ourselves on the back for ticking boxes.  We feel that succeeding to showcase different types of women through the underargument is nothing to be proud of; it is not different or “great”. It is simply what it should be. 

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Behind the scenes of an anti-casting shoot

French show 66 Minutes (M6 TV channel) follows Maïna Cissé (Founder) at one of the underargument's anti-casting shoots.

This Month at The Book Club

Growing through storytelling is at the core of what we do at the underargument.

So every month, we ask ourselves a question inspired by one of the underargument's themes and vote for 3 books on the topic. Each member chooses one of the 3 books to read. We get together online on the last Wednesday of the month to chat through new learnings with members and special guests.

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March's Theme:

Inspired by no.04 For sexy // Against sexism

Discussion point: What can we learn from notable women about overcoming sexism on their way to success whilst owning their individual definitions of sensuality, sexuality and femininity?


Sustainability is on everybody's radar and everyone's lips nowadays. And that's a great thing. But it also tends to refer to different things from one person to another. To us, it means:

• The preservation of the environment

• The conservation of the craft

• The protection of our people and the communities we work with

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The Stories Behind The Underarguments

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Choose between 3 books inspired by the underarguments' themes and join us online each month as we dig deeper through the topics that influence the brand! Go to the book club section or click below for more information.

Online every last Wednesday of the month CLICK HERE to join