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no.10 For stability // Against standing still

The norm can make us feel

Like reaching stability is the end of the road. We forever distract ourselves from what we want to build, acting too busy to commit to anything, feel secure or smell the roses. 

This underargument

Will remind you to, first of all, not freak out at the sound of the word "commitment", and second, to remember that settling down doesn't mean standing still, holding off on dreams or growth (or anything else you want to add to the list). It could just mean committing to the things and people that make us happy.

Or, it'll just make you look really hot, either way, it's all positive!


Design highlights

Stretch ivory Italian mesh framed by a soft tricolour elastic trim giving a little 70s vibe to our most loved styles.

no.08 For insecurities // Against self-doubt

The norm wants us to

Deny what we're uncomfortable with, hide our doubts and fake confidence.

This underargument

will remind you that you have to trust yourself. Discomfort is often what we grow from. There can be a silver lining in owning our insecurities.

And, if you're not in the mood for that, wearing this will surely make you feel 10/10.


Design highlights

Swiss embroidery in a golden mustard hue framed with needle-out elastic trims mixing modern finishing to a subtle art deco vibe

no.07 For signs // Against Fate

The norm tends to

Say that we're condemned to one future we have very little control over unless we get lucky.

This underargument

Will remind you to follow your instincts, trust yourself, and look out for the signs because they lead to your greater purpose

Or, it'll just make you feel gorgeous and that's perfectly fine too.


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The anti-casting is at the core of what we do at the underargument. We believe in the power of individuality, diversity and story-telling.

So, we cast the womxn featured through the brand solely based on a story they shared that's inspired by one of our underarguments. We don't ask for photos, we don't ask for measurements. Only your words. To find out more head to the anti-casting page.

Submit your story HERE


Choose between 3 books inspired by one of the underargument's themes and join us online each month as we dig deeper through the topics that influence the brand with members and special guests.

We welcome those who love reading, those who don't and those who do but never find the time. This is a space for conversations, not a reading marathon. If you love learning new things, this club is for you. Go to the book(ish) club page or click below for more information.

Online every last Wednesday of the month CLICK HERE to join

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