Embracing my sex drive | theunderargument.com

Embracing my sex drive

By Beverley

When I was a teenager growing up, we were all meant to suppress our sexuality and dress down to "protect ourselves from the urges of boys and men". That was what my father used to say to me.

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Sexy for me | theunderargument.com

Sexy for me

By Carolina

I'm an abusive relationship and sexual assault survivor turned pole dance performer and instructor. Before I became a pole dancer, my body didn't feel mine.

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What is sexy? | theunderargument.com

What is sexy?

By Katie

What is sexy? For me, it’s always been a difficult thing to define. And if you can’t define it, how can you be it? What is this elusive thing that we seek - both in others and ourselves - yet can’t say for sure “yes that’s it- that’s it there”?

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I am sexy, in my own right | theunderargument.com

I am sexy, in my own right

By Kate Ng

Viewing myself as a sexy and sexual human being has been a journey, especially coming from a Christian and conservative Asian family. I spent years repressing my sexual curiosity, attempting to conform to sexist expectations and learning how to hate my body for not moulding itself into the shape my society had set in stone for me.

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Sexy without your permission | theunderargument.com

Sexy without your permission

By Naomi C.

I had always feared sexy underwear. A bit of fabric. I felt embarrassed trying to wear something which hadn’t been made with a curvy insecure woman in mind. I thought I had to change myself. Methods throughout my early twenties included eating disorders, exercise abuse and self-hatred. Painful beliefs about myself were burned into my thought processes during broad daylight via ‘normal’ relationships and daily media bombardment.

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Smile Love | theunderargument.com

Smile Love

By Liv

How many times in a day does being a woman fuck with your job? I don't know about other industries or what it's like to work in them, but after nearly ten years in the one I've landed – buckle up, kids, it's storytime.

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My Body: History of a Relationship | theunderargument.com

My Body: History of a Relationship

By Lila

At 57 years old, I am now clearly an ‘older’ woman. Although I feel strong and comfortable in my body now, it has been a long and complex journey to get here and one that has been shaped by mixed messages from society as well as the comments of others.

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Holding onto sexy through Chemotherapy | theunderargument.com

Holding onto sexy through Chemotherapy

By Joanne

A year ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a shock. After a mastectomy and 4 months of chemotherapy, I thought I'd never feel like me again. 

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Femininity (re)defined | theunderargument.com

Femininity (re)defined

By Genesia

Since I shaved my head I’ve found times when I’ve really not felt feminine. I stopped shaving and that made me feel unfeminine at times too. I realised (and am still realising) that femininity is not defined by how I look or act and that being a woman can’t be boxed. 

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A Testimony to Standing Up Against Sexism by a Woman Neurosurgeon | theunderargument.com

A Testimony to Standing Up Against Sexism by a Woman Neurosurgeon

By Julia

My name is Julia. And I am a fighter. I was the first female trainee in my hospital in Lithuania to become a neurosurgeon. Medicine is still plagued with medieval traditions and ways, from bullying to discrimination and plain disrespect from seniors doctors towards their juniors.

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