Becoming Bipolar Abdul -

___Becoming Bipolar Abdul

Becoming Bipolar Abdul -

As a child I never felt girlie. I was a tomboy. I was called frumpy and boyish. I always felt like an outsider; whether I immersed myself in the company of boys or girls, I didn't fit. It was an ever-present fog in my life, and puberty just made it more challenging.

My friends were attractive and showered with attention, and I was the funny one. I dreamt wistfully of the day I'd feel like a "proper woman", the ones I saw on TV. Spoiler alert, it didn't happen. Instead, I began lying a mask of an overly feminine aesthetic onto my body every day. I was still uncomfortable.

I'd always loved fashion. The more avant-garde the better. When clothes become art, gender is not even close to the top of the list of priorities. Drag is my favourite art fashion movement. I began watching more and more drag; I pushed my make up skills and bought more outrageous outfits. The further I pushed, the more confident I felt. The further I rejected societal norms, the more confident I felt. I created Bipolar Abdul and finally found a way to show myself to the world. I'm a non-binary drag queen, and I'm unstoppable.


Bipola Abdul x the anti-casting 

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Bipolar Abdul is wearing collection no.14 For belonging// Against fitting in.