Therapy helped me show my vulnerabilities -

___Therapy helped me show my vulnerabilities

Therapy helped me show my vulnerabilities -

I've had many ups and downs throughout my life. I had always been the 'happy-go-lucky' type of girl until things snowballed in November 2017.

I suffered from a deep depression but could not vocalise this to any of my friends or family. I spent most of my days in bed, hoping I didn't wake up. I lost all interest in things I used to enjoy, lost 6kg in two weeks, and isolated myself from my family and friends.

I kept asking my doctor for help as I knew things weren't right, and I was finally put on some anti-depressants, but they didn't seem to help. I was desperate, and I couldn't see a way out.

Things spiralled, and finally, I got the help I needed. My medications changed, and I started seeing a psychiatrist and receiving weekly therapy.

Over the years, the medicines have made me gain weight, and my body has changed, but so have I. After five years of treatment and the proper medications, I am now comfortable enough in myself to show my vulnerabilities.

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