Life is more exciting when you don't fit in -

___Life is more exciting when you don't fit in

Life is more exciting when you don't fit in -

All my life, I've never fit in. People have always underestimated my abilities, feelings and failed to recognise my resilience in difficult times.

I've never felt the need to fit in or fill the silence with meaningless words. I never make promises but do what is right. Confidence and loving yourself scares people, and I recognise the weak ones when they attack the strengths they cannot understand.

I went through childhood and most of my adulthood with untreated ADHD. ADHD was considered a "made up" disability and was certainly not recognised by educators at my school at the time. Sitting in class was painful, and homework was even harder to comprehend. I will never forget a teacher telling me I would end up on welfare because she was so frustrated with me. Her painful words were a wake-up call and a confirmation of the importance of loving yourself.

I knew I was different, the kid who could not sit still, the one who dressed differently, the one who chose not to conform, the skateboarder, the poor kid, the late kid, the kid labelled as "lazy" and the
go-to-the-Principal's-office kid.

Her words, no matter how painful, were a snapshot in time and would follow me as a reminder to keep moving forward. For me, life is more exciting when you don't fit in.