Sexy because I have confidence -

___Sexy because I have confidence

Sexy because I have confidence -
As a teenager, I grew full facial hair. I felt so uncomfortable in my skin that I woud have to find time to shave twice a day and cake my face in make-up whenever anyone was around.

I just wanted to feel normal. It felt so unbearable that as soon as I reached 18, I took out a loan and had laser hair removal. I had to remain in my violent family home for the next 5 years to pay back the loan. Paying rent elsewhere was simply impossible with the debt hanging over my head.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t exchange one dislike of my body for another and that I’d feel comfortable in my own body once the beard had gone.

I kept my promise and went from someone with extremely low body confidence to someone who could not care less about anyone’s opinion of my appearance.

Now I wear my body hair with pride, I do not de-hair and went from feeling repulsive to feeling sexy. Sexy because I have confidence. And one of the most positive things about my body hair is that it works as a “Dickhead Repellent“. It helps me attract people who are non-judgmental and non-controlling; mature people who treat me as an equal and the queen I am. And that makes me feel sexy.