Lingerie brand recruits models without seeing pictures or asking measurements


Lingerie brand recruits models without seeing pictures or asking measurements

When it comes to buying new clothes, you’re probably used to seeing models with a particular type of body.

Although the industry is changing and realising that we want to see a more diverse range of people, there is still some way to go.

But one lingerie brand has decided to choose the models for their products simply based on their stories.

The underargument recruits models who don’t have to have any experience and the brand makes their choice without seeing any pictures or asking for measurements.

The company was set up by Maïna Cissé in 2015 as a site to share inclusive stories and create empowering lingerie, with each one named and labelled with a quote.

The brand name comes from the combination of ‘undergarment’ and ‘argument’.

With that in mind, Maïna decided she wanted to hold an ‘anti-casting’, only meeting the models for the first time on shoot day as she says did not want her model choices to be tokenistic.

Each collection is based around a theme advocating an argument against the norm and they ask people to submit their story based around those ideas, choosing who to feature solely from those words.

You can read all the stories of their current models on their website.

Previous themes have included ‘for awesome/against perfection’, ‘for identity/against stereotypes’, ‘for love/against oblivious’, ‘for sexy/against sexism’ ‘for loving/against conforming’.

Maïna said: ‘These underarguments come to life through the collections but also through the stories of the women who vulnerably volunteer to share their life experience and shoot with us.

‘All the women shown on the site have been selected for the story they chose to share with us, we select these before we know what the women look like (we only meet them on shoot day) and without asking for their size.

‘Lingerie used to and still has an empowering and therapeutic effect on me. I’m hoping that the underargument, both through the lingerie and the content shared, will take you on a journey that will have the same beneficial effects on you.

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