Maïna Cissé shakes up the codes of lingerie

Aged 35, the French entrepreneur based in London seeks to shake up standardized images of women through her lingerie brand the underargument.

Experiences in marketing

As a Franco-Ivorian woman who grew up in Normandy France, it took me a while to appreciate the various facets of my cultures. When I moved to London at the age of 20, I understood that differences could be positive. It's one of the first places where I felt like myself, where I didn't try to blend in.

There, I started a career in marketing for fast fashion brands like Miss Selfridge. I then left for Australia for five years. I was keen to offer brands a sincere and innovative message, but they spent their time aligning themselves with what the competition was doing.

Offer a new point of view

I regretted the escalation of diversity in advertising where we go from one minority to another as if it were a fashion. I remember this director who told me that she was happy to be open to the “trend” of diversity… For example, when we represent the black woman, it is necessarily a tall top model with a shaved head or a lighter skin girl with an afro hairstyle, nothing in between. The problem surely lies in the fact that there is precisely no diversity in the marketing teams.

It was in 2015 that the idea of ​​the underargument came to life, a play on words around "undergarment", the obsolete English term for underwear, and "argument" which allows you to defend your point of view...

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