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___I always thought I would be protected

I always thought I would be protected - theunderargument.com

I am a woman like millions around the world, a woman like those you would cross every day on your way to work, on the tube, on the street and my body tells my story. Each part of my body holds within it an experience – happy, self-accomplishing or painful- that is helping me reach my higher self.

In the eye of society, I would be portrayed as a strong woman, an executive working in finance but a few years ago I was a victim of violence and it shattered my world. Coming from the background I was and the ecosystem in which I was evolving, I always thought I would be protected from violence and always felt naively safe. It made me re-think the relationship I had with myself, with my body, with men and the people I was letting in my life. Even at the lowest point, I could be in my life, I refused to be just a victim.

However, the pain and the scars were real and deep and would not vanish in a blink. It’s hard to truly grasp what’s happening in the moment and realise how one incident will shape your whole perspective on life. So, one day when I felt I was ready to open and embrace my wounds, I just packed a few things and left for the Himalayas where I spent weeks in an ashram in India and a monastery in Nepal. I spent days meditating, praying, self-reflecting and going completely out of my comfort zone. It was by far the most enriching thing I did for myself. I learnt to listen to my body, to the energy flow around me and to the messages in the universe. I also learnt to forgive and let go of the past. I met some incredible people that had renounced to all forms of material needs and who were focused on reaching a better version of themselves to attain peace on earth.

Had this incident not happened, I would never have questioned the path I was undertaking at that time in my life. I would never have felt as empowered as I am today. Freedom to live my life under my terms is what I choose from now on. I am fully committed to being a successful and beautiful individual, embracing and sharing life, light and love.

If I had to choose one thing to share with the women around me, I would tell them that even in the darkest moments you must believe in yourself so you can find the light. Today, I have a voice and I choose to express my truth and give my full support to all those who are in need. I am convinced that we are stronger as a community.