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___Having the freedom of confidence

Having the freedom of confidence - theunderargument.com

To me bodily agency, agency without shame is essential to freedom and our experience of joy. You know, you should have the freedom to dance, walk, dress etc in whatever manner you see fit. But, most marginalised people don’t have that.⠀

In fact, the only person whose body isn’t in some way criminalised or moralised over is wealthy white men. ⠀

I’m a filmmaker and a lot of my work focuses on violence against womxn. So, the tag-line ‘for sexy against sexism’ really resonated with me.

You’d be astounded how often a womxn’s clothing choices or love for life - say going out and dancing - is used to condemn her character and used as a legitimate way to victim blame within the criminal justice system. ⠀⠀

Even before this shoot, I did it to myself. I quite regularly experience street harassment and a couple of days before this was no different. And, for a moment, I felt so ashamed of my body and thought about how I didn’t want to do anything that might invite this kind of behaviour. But, then I remembered how much we deserve to feel free in our bodies. And, more importantly, I’d encourage friends of mine to do something that gave them a boost. I genuinely believe that if we broke down the stigma around sexuality and sensuality, society would be a lot safer.

There is still so much shame attached to the bodies that society marginalised that it becomes so much harder to talk about bad experiences and look after one another. Like, I shouldn’t be afraid of being confident because of sexism on the street. For some, it could be by getting their hair done or wearing a binder that makes them feel good. To me, sexy is about confidence, joy and choice and nobody should have that taken away from them.