Genderism has no place nowadays -

___Genderism has no place nowadays

Genderism has no place nowadays -

Working in a high-paid industry, I am fully aware that I will likely be the main ‘breadwinner’ of my household, even though I am not a man. And that’s fine. I think more women need to be comfortable with the fact that it is ok. We're nearly in 2020, and I feel like following traditional gender roles only puts a restraint over potential.

I fit a few female gender norms; I have a high degree of sensuality and a mothering vibe, however, I’m also scruffy, a bit untidy and housekeeping is not my thing.

My previous partner used to enjoy being in a clean, tidy and organised space so he fulfilled that environmental need in our relationship most of the time. This is one of the key things that made me realise that gender roles can be redefined to be what works best for you.

If I had one wish, it would be to see more people leading the lifestyle that fulfils them emotionally, mentally and physically. Whatever these may be and regardless of what gender they identify as.

For this to be, we have to allow men and women to navigate their female and masculine energy freely. I would like to allow and see more men to be vulnerable and emotive. I would like to see them comfortable in being seen by others as individuals that can express their full spectrum of thoughts and feelings, even those deemed feminine, without judgment on their manhood.

Likewise, I would like women to keep on moving up and achieving their goals whichever way - "feminine" or "masculine" - they feel best and necessary. It does feel like there is continued progress when I hear people tearing down the adjective ‘bossy’ when talking to women professionals and replacing it with ‘determined’ and ‘assertive’. Women shouldn't have to feel like they have to lose parts of their identity or play within a role that isn't defined for or by them to be accomplished. The same way men shouldn't have to feel trapped in an alpha male stereotype if it doesn't resonate with them.