Sensuality is power -

___Sensuality is power

Sensuality is power -

I am very comfortable in my own skin - it’s almost easier to be naked than to wear beautiful lingerie. Until recently, I found the idea of highlighting my beauty a way of attracting unwanted attention, objectifying myself, it made me want to crawl into some dark corner. I’m a dancer-actor and I’ve always found the stage a much safer place to be, than society. ⠀

Like most women I know, I have suffered enough sexually abusive experiences, that unconsciously I became ashamed of my body and I started protecting myself.

I wanted to be strong and masculine, I’d cut my hair very short, I stopped wearing dresses, I became kickass at martial arts and felt externally more confident, it worked for a while but I missed an essential part of myself.

Training as an actor, meditation and a lot of spiritual books have helped me to connect with my natural instinct, to listen to my body and little by little I am changing those old beliefs of how women should behave and allowing my femininity to shine again.

Part of rebuilding the relationship with my body is allowing myself to be sensual, beautiful and also powerful as a human being. 

I do feel it’s an important message for young women that being in tune with their bodies, helps keep them safe, forget what anyone tells you but listen to the sensations your body gives you, it’s unbelievably wise.

As women our collective power is vital, I love that we are talking openly and supporting each other. It’s our responsibility to the next generation of women to stand up to abuse when we see it and to express ourselves fearlessly and fully.