Made of light and love -

___Made of light and love

Made of light and love -
I lost everything upon my university graduation; I lost the jet set start I'd earned as a 1st class honours student. The escape from my abuser made me run far, far away at great cost to my career; to all I'd worked for.

It saved my life but at a huge cost. What was left of me was shattered and in pieces. How could I put myself back together again? Which pieces were to be discarded because of the contamination of abuse?

I was to stumble into two further abusive relationships ensuring many years of mental illness as my undue punishment.

Freeing myself from the invisible bonds of emotional abuse, the violating intrusion of self and the cruel depths it reached. Forced to face all internal demons not just caused by the abuse but those placed long before I'd had the misfortune of their projections of hate which capitalised on the vulnerabilities suffered prior to them. I identified the pieces of my fractured identity worth saving; cleaning the stains of traumatic memories, renewing, restoring and reclaiming these aspects of myself, refusing to abandon the free essence of my being.

Life is on a steady upwards track despite all those who wished me to fall.

I am made of light and love and will always seek to be the best I am capable of being. I survive, I am alive and full of love.