How do I identify myself? -

___How do I identify myself?

How do I identify myself? -
Sex and gender are the patriarchal markers by which I have a vulva, and I have a breast/breasts.

After my unilateral mastectomy, I mentally unravelled. This began my journey into recognising that I am trans/non-binary. My born identity is female, and yet, it has always created unease. I'm middle-aged, and it's true when they say - I am learning to unlearn.

After my mastectomy, I looked different and felt different in my body. Sure, I was bestowed with kind remarks - "your new breast looks beautiful". An it is. It's created a whole new sense of self-worth within me.

To live in the 'identity' that I feel presently. I express myself in ways that cause me minimal mental strife. It's not about what I wear but how I wear it. The cliché is true, you only die once.