Finding art through my scars -

___Finding art through my scars

Finding art through my scars -
I entered teenagehood in a world of physical pain. I couldn't understand why my body was inflicted with so much suffering and why my bones were falling apart at such a young age.

From the age of 13 and for three consecutive years, I had to wear a plastic corset, go through two heavy spine surgeries back to back, followed by two knee surgeries.

I developed a love and hate relationship with this plastic corset which, although supported me, also wounded me.

The intense multiple surgery experiences I had to go through and my general incomprehension of my condition led me to a unique journey of discovery and acceptance of my body with all its uniqueness.

I had to find my own ways to cope and express my feelings and confusion; this was when art appeared in my life.

Drawing, painting, performing, dancing as well as practicing yoga gave me keys to understanding the delicate relationship between the body and the mind.

Today, I work as a multifunctional artist, and I am now in a position where I can embrace my story and love my beautiful scars a little more each day.