Product description

// High waist fit
// French embroidery
// French velvet waistband
// Flat mesh elastic (no VPL!)
// Stephanie is wearing a size S

Made Sustainably

Produced in Europe with Oeko-Tex materials sourced locally

International Delivery

We ship everywhere (EU & UK orders ship DDP, no tax surprises on delivery)

14 Days Returns

You have 14 days to change your mind from your delivery date


Pay later or in instalments (UK orders only currently)

More than just labels

We make our labels actually useful. You'll find a colourful ribbon tag attached to your lingerie branded with the underargument you chose. It includes care instructions and also turns into a beautiful bookmark for your most empowering books. Of course, each of your pieces is also labelled with a woven label featuring the name of the product as a daily reminder to embrace your individuality.

The anti-casting

The underargument is a female and minority owned business, we believe in authentic representation because we know from experience the power it holds and how a lack of it can prevent womxn's personal development, growth and emancipation.

All the womxn featured on the underargument have been selected based on the personal story they shared with us which was inspired by one of our collections' themes. We only receive stories, no photos and no measurements. This is what we call the anti-casting and it is our way of reclaiming the representation of womxn's diversity and utilising the power of storytelling to empower ourselves and others. Find out more and maybe submit your story too here

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