Strength gave me freedom -

Strength gave me freedom

Strength gave me freedom -

By Izy

I am a 34-year-old freelancing, single mother to the most beautiful 3-year-old girl. I left an unhealthy relationship last year, and we have since managed to divorce amicably. My work has become a dream come true, working on storytelling, communications, illustration and photography for wonderful, small, sustainable brands.

Over the years, my confidence was shattered. But being single, being free, along with my family, my friends, and my creativity have all helped to build myself into a strong, resilient, happy woman bursting with appreciation for the life I now have. Having a child changed me in every way - emotionally it strengthened me, physically it changed me, naturally.

My daughter reminds me every day of the beauty my body has created. The lumps and bumps I now have are curves that grew her, that she loves to hug. Curves I now appreciate on a deeper level than pure aesthetics. I love the sensuality motherhood has given me. And my daughter is a daily reminder of the importance of showing self-love, self-confidence and that character is the most beautiful quality. We need to set the bar differently for her generation, and I’m starting with me, myself and I.