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I am more than my spine

By Freyja

I always knew there was something wrong with my spine. In school assembly, sat on the floor, when it was time to pray there were rows upon rows of forward-curved backs. Mine always stayed straight, the only bend showing in my neck.


The voice in my head was wrong | theunderargument.com

The voice in my head was wrong

By Tasha

As a rebel-from-birth/atheist/mild anarchist, my life has always had me walking in the opposite direction from most people. I was different from my friends at school, oddly so. I specifically shunned the mainstream popular culture and general hobbies and interests they followed together. In retrospect, I wonder why I was in that group at all. This led me to believe that I was weird and different, and my schoolmates didn't shy away from bullying me to remind me. 


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Belle avec mes cicatrices

Par Ellen

Je détestais voir les cicatrices sur mon corps. Et je les détestais encore plus parce que je me les suis infligées moi-même. Pendant de nombreuses années, j'ai versé toute ma douleur, mes insécurités et ma frustration dans ce qui sont maintenant de faibles marques blanches, me coupant quand les choses me semblaient trop douloureuses, ou tout simplement trop insurmontables.


Embracing my insecurities for my daughter | theunderargument.com

J'accepte mes insécurités pour ma fille

Par Roz

Ayant grandi au Royaume-Uni dans les années 70 et 80, je n'ai pas rencontré beaucoup de gens comme moi, j'étais calme et timide et je suis restée dans l'ombre.