Being vulnerable so I can help others |

Vulnérable afin d'aider les autres

By Naomi N.

Ce n’est que l’année dernière que je me suis sentie capable de parler ouvertement et parfois même avec confiance de mon passé à quiconque autre que des professionnels. Je n'ai pas peur de partager mon histoire, aussi vulnérable me rende t-elle. Donner de la lumière à nos expériences, aussi difficiles soient-elles, est une façon d'aider les autres à surmonter leurs propres combats. Je n'ai rien à perdre. J'ai donc décidé que je ne cacherais plus rien; Je ne peux pas changer ce qui s'est passé, mais je peux certainement changer la façon dont cela m'affecte aujourd'hui. Cela m'a donné un énorme sentiment d'appartenance: ce «secret» ne me possède plus, ce n'est plus quelque chose que je dois essayer de cacher.


Life's glimmering moments of understanding |

Life's glimmering moments of understanding

By Lena

2020 has been difficult for everyone, without a doubt. Definitely, a year to remember but also one I would eagerly forget. For me, it started with the abortion of an unplanned pregnancy. My long-term partner and I didn't feel like it was the right moment for us to start a family. Days after, he was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer, and the fight for his life began. Within weeks we heard of the global pandemic making its way to the UK. As if that wasn't enough to pull the rug from under my feet, I also had to deal with the sudden news of my partner's infidelities. 


Sexy without your permission |

Sexy without your permission

By Naomi C.

I had always feared sexy underwear. A bit of fabric. I felt embarrassed trying to wear something which hadn’t been made with a curvy insecure woman in mind. I thought I had to change myself. Methods throughout my early twenties included eating disorders, exercise abuse and self-hatred. Painful beliefs about myself were burned into my thought processes during broad daylight via ‘normal’ relationships and daily media bombardment.


Smile Love |

Smile Love

By Liv

How many times in a day does being a woman fuck with your job? I don't know about other industries or what it's like to work in them, but after nearly ten years in the one I've landed – buckle up, kids, it's storytime.


I thought stability meant playing it safe |

I thought stability meant playing it safe

By Nanou

I thought stability meant playing it safe and commitment meant forever - and that was unacceptable. I committed to deviate from life-long safety and found stability in books and the idea of adventure. It was settled, in my childhood brain, I had projects (Novelist/ Performer/ Arctic explorer) to see through. 


Towards other-motherhood |

Towards other-motherhood

By Hannah

In October 2019, I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure and was told that I had gone through menopause. I am 33 now and was 32 then. None of my friends is experiencing anything like this, and I sometimes feel like that word "failure".


A Journal on Self-Love, A Note to my Sister |

A Journal on Self-Love, A Note to my Sister

By Sam

My journey to self-love only started a few years ago. I can remember the exact moment, the phone call, like it was yesterday. I was at work- as a waitress- on a split shift prepping for the evening dinner rush. What should have been a usual catch up became 22 years old me listening to my 18-year-old sister cry and plead that she needed help because she had developed anorexia. And while I didn't know it then, that's the exact moment the journey started, because in having to teach Natalie to love herself, I had to teach myself how to love me.


I am more than my spine |

I am more than my spine

By Freyja

I always knew there was something wrong with my spine. In school assembly, sat on the floor, when it was time to pray there were rows upon rows of forward-curved backs. Mine always stayed straight, the only bend showing in my neck.


The voice in my head was wrong |

The voice in my head was wrong

By Tasha

As a rebel-from-birth/atheist/mild anarchist, my life has always had me walking in the opposite direction from most people. I was different from my friends at school, oddly so. I specifically shunned the mainstream popular culture and general hobbies and interests they followed together. In retrospect, I wonder why I was in that group at all. This led me to believe that I was weird and different, and my schoolmates didn't shy away from bullying me to remind me. 


Scarred and beautiful |

Belle avec mes cicatrices

Par Ellen

Je détestais voir les cicatrices sur mon corps. Et je les détestais encore plus parce que je me les suis infligées moi-même. Pendant de nombreuses années, j'ai versé toute ma douleur, mes insécurités et ma frustration dans ce qui sont maintenant de faibles marques blanches, me coupant quand les choses me semblaient trop douloureuses, ou tout simplement trop insurmontables.


Embracing my insecurities for my daughter |

J'accepte mes insécurités pour ma fille

Par Roz

Ayant grandi au Royaume-Uni dans les années 70 et 80, je n'ai pas rencontré beaucoup de gens comme moi, j'étais calme et timide et je suis restée dans l'ombre.


Healing in Stillness |

Ce besoin d'immobilité

Par Rosie

Lorsque le monde s'est arrêté à la mi-mars 2020, j'avais des sentiments mitigés. Bien sûr, le monde entrait dans une période (pour utiliser le mot dans chaque e-mail envoyé depuis mars) «sans précédent» et personne ne savait ce qui allait se passer mise ``a part la chance de… s'arrêter. Faire le tri. Se ressourcer. Ce n’était pas quelque chose que j’avais eu la chance de faire auparavant. Ne rien faire est quelque chose que j'évite activement, et encore plus depuis septembre 2019, lorsque mon père est décédé. Regarder votre père mourir alors que vous n'êtes qu'au début de la vingtaine n’est pas quelque chose que je souhaite à mon pire ennemi.